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At Creature Concepts we offer a range of bird cages to suit a variety of species and needs. In this article we have a look at some of the great bird cage features and how they can be of benefit to both you and your bird. 

When choosing a cage to home your bird there are plenty of things to consider; 

  • The size of the bird – The cage should have bars close enough together that the bird does not risk becoming stuck between the bars. The cage should also be large enough to allow the bird to stretch its wings and exercise. 
  • What life style do you want for your bird? If your bird is going to spend all of its time in the cage you will need to choose a larger cage to give your bird the best opportunity to exercise. If your bird is going to be out of the cage at times you may consider including features such as an opening top or a play gym. 

Easy cleaning 

Each of the cages is constructed with strong, durable powdered coated steel. This anti-rust finish makes for easy cleaning and a healthy environment for your bird. 

As an owner, a cage that is easy to keep clean is a must and if the cage is going to be kept indoors you’ll want as much mess as possible to remain in the cage. Seed husks are notorious for spreading far and wide from the cage but a built in cage skirt can help contain mess to the cage. The skirt is angled downward, back towards the cage tray, encouraging the husks to collect in the tray. 

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The slide out tray at the bottom of the cage not only catches all of the birdy mess but allows for easy cleaning as it can be completely removed from the cage, so that the waste can be tipped out and the tray washed. The cages also have a barred floor to keep your bird up out of the mess. This section can also be slid out for cleaning if required. 

Each of the larger cages come with a detachable stand on castor wheels. The stand raises the cage up to a more accessible height and the castor wheels allow for large cages to be easily moved around. The castors wheels are also lockable to prevent the cage from moving if knocked. The base of the stand has a handy under cage storage shelf which is a great place to keep all of the birdy paraphernalia. 

 Access to the cage is easy with the large opening door. The door has a secure latch that is not easily opened by inquisitive beaks. The cages also have small, opening doors for easy access to clean and refill feed and water cups. 

A place for birdy 

An opening cage roof – this feature not only gives your bird freedom to spend time out of the cage but also provides them with the security of having their ‘safe space’ to return to at any time. The top doors of the cage can be opened and secured in place with the perch for ‘out of the cage time’, or closed down when you need your bird safely away. For an owner, one of the main advantages is that the roof top perch still sits over the cage, meaning any mess is caught by the cage. 

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For birds that are going to spend large amounts of time out of the cage, a built in play gym is a great option. The i.Pet 173CM Bird Cage – Large Aviary has an incorporated roof top play gym with a perching area, feeding cups and a climbing ladder all sat above a slide out tray to help keep things tidy.  

While all of the cages do come with supplied dowel perches, you can give your bird an upgrade with natural branches. Gum tree branches are great for birds to chew on and the irregular sizes of a natural branch provides great exercise for birdy feet. 

To check out the cages offered by Creature_Concepts and to see which one best suits your needs, see below 

Creature Concepts – Bird Cages

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