1 year anniversary
On our 1 year anniversary we would just like to thank our #creaturefamily that has grown and evolved over this last year. We hope you have enjoyed the content we have produced; we sure have had fun bringing it to you. We trust it has proved a welcome distraction for you and your pets from what has been a difficult year for many. It was not the plan, to open in a pandemic, so we
Rabbits and Chickens
Rabbits and chickens have become much loved symbols, traditionally associated with Easter, but how did this come about?  The name Easter is thought to have originated from the names of the goddess Eastre/Eostre/Ostara who is the goddess of spring and fertility. The essence of spring and fertility is echoed in symbols that have become synonymous with Easter, i.e. rabbits and eggs.  The Easter Bunny  Rabbits and hares are symbols of abundant new life due to
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old dog with glasses on
For centuries now there have been stories about dogs that have gone on to become truths in some people’s minds when in fact they are just old wives tales. So which of these old wives tales are more fiction than fact.  FOOD MYTHS  1) Giving you dog garlic or onion will prevent worms and fleas  FICTION – Onion and garlic do not prevent fleas or worms but both onion and garlic are toxic to dogs
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Rabbits and Chickens Facts
For many pet birds their diet predominantly consists of seeds. The addition of greens can make great treats for pet birds and can have many health benefits. While there are a large number of fruits and vegetable that us humans eat that are suitable for our birds there are also plenty of backyard weeds that make great birdy treats.  The likes of budgies, finches, canaries, cockatiels and parrots all enjoy some fresh greens in their
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new puppy
Bringing a new puppy home is a very exciting time for the whole family. Being prepared for their arrival will help for a smooth transition to life with your new best friend. It will not only be a learning phase for the human family members but it will also take a puppy some time to adjust to their new surroundings. Here are just some of the things that a new dog owner can do to
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Scratching Post
It is a cat’s natural instinct to scratch different textured surfaces with their claws and a scratching post provides a number of textural surfaces for your cat to enjoy. Cats are notorious for their scratching habits and it’s near impossible to stop this behaviour but it’s one that can be swayed in the right direction. A cat scratching post will not only keep your cat entertained but it will also deter your cat from scratching
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Dog Theft
Recently, the rate of dog theft has been on the rise, as there is a real supply and demand issue with the number of dogs available for new homes. As the pandemic continues, many people have been left feeling lonely and have been looking to fill the void with a furry friend. Opportunistic thieves have been keen to make the most of this by steeling dogs and selling them for a profit. The pandemic has
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fun activities
Keep your dog active and stimulated, while strengthening your bond by enjoying some fun activities together. There are plenty of entertaining activities to do with your dog and what may just begin as a bit of fun may lead to participating in a competitive environment.  1. Obedience training  Obedience training has to be the most important place to start when becoming a dog owner. It not only helps to everyday life to run more smoothly
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chicken coop
If you are looking into getting chickens or rabbits, the i. Pet Large Wooden Chicken Coop – Rabbit Hutch could be the perfect home for your new pets.  Both rabbits and chickens enjoy companionship and this coop will comfortably fit up to 3 rabbits or chickens depending on the breed that you intent to keep. Keep in mind that the coop should allow each animal to turn around easily and provide them with adequate space
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pet is lost
If your pet is lost it’s important for all parties involved that the pet is found as soon as possible. It is a pet owners worst nightmare to loose their pet so don’t just leave it a few days before beginning the search in hope that your pet will simply return home.  If you suspect that your pet has gone missing it is important to establish first if your pet is simply hiding. Have a
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