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It is a cat’s natural instinct to scratch different textured surfaces with their claws and a scratching post provides a number of textural surfaces for your cat to enjoy. Cats are notorious for their scratching habits and it’s near impossible to stop this behaviour but it’s one that can be swayed in the right direction.

A cat scratching post will not only keep your cat entertained but it will also deter your cat from scratching the furniture, which is certainly a real bonus to cat owners.

Research conducted by C Wilson et al (2016) showed which type of cat scratching post cats prefer most. While a cat’s preference is very individual, most tend to prefer a cat tree with two or more levels and at least 90cm high. Narrower posts (base width ⩽ 90cm) were used more often than wider posts (base width ⩾152cm). The cat’s preference on textures seemed to change with age, with geriatric cats between the ages of 10 and 14 years preferring a carpet substrate most frequently while all other ages preferred rope first.

Let’s take a look at some of the great feature available on the cat scratchers offered by Creature Concepts.

Durable construction

The cat scratchers are built from a sturdy fir wood frame covered in a scratching substrate which sits upon a sturdy base to prevent the scratcher from tipping during rowdy play.

Textures for scratching

A variety of scratching substrates are used to cover the timber frame, including

  • Soft, durable, carpeted surfaces which also provide for comfort and warmth.
  • Sisal rope – a natural, durable fibre that is safe for cats.
Scratching post


Multi-level platforms provide plenty of movement and play options, from scratching to climbing, playing or perching for a rest. The ability for a cat to be up high provides it with a sense of security as they have an aerial vantage point to detect potential dangers around them.

Movement is inspired by the multi-level design which encourages jumping from one platform to the next, climbing through holes or using ladders to help climb to next level.

Napping options

Have you got a cat that loves to sleep the days away, especially when it’s cold outside? There are a number of sleeping options to choose from, including

  • Sleeping cradle/platform – gives space for a cat to curl up or stretch out as they please.
  • Hammock – a warm spot to nestle down into.
  • Swing – a restful spot with rhythmic movement.
  • Cave – a warm enclosed area that provides privacy and security.

Each of these sleeping options is located at a different height to suit a range of preferences.

cat scratcher grey and white


Besides scratching, climbing and sleeping there is also the chance to play with dangling ropes, hanging pompoms and mice and the i.Pet 141cm Cat Scratching Post even comes with a tunnel for exploring.

Size options

Most of the scratchers that we have available are tall, multi-level designs ranging from 120cm to 180cm in height. The bases are generally around 60cm wide with the i.Pet 170cm Cat Tree Scratching post having the largest footprint which is 105cm wide.

If you’re not after a large scratcher, smaller options are available such as i.Pet 70cm Cat Scratching Post or the i.Pet 45cm Cat Scratching Tree. These still offer a range of textures and play options while being more compact than a standard scratcher.

Creature Concepts offer a range of cat scratching posts to keep your cats entertained and away from the furniture. Why not check out the range to see which one suits your home and the needs of your furry friend.


Wilson C, Bain M, DePorter T, Beck A, Grassi V, & Landsberg G (2016). Owner observations regarding cat scratching behavior: an internet-based survey. Journal of feline medicine and surgery, 18 (10), 791-7 PMID: 26179574

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