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If you are looking into getting chickens or rabbits, the i. Pet Large Wooden Chicken Coop – Rabbit Hutch could be the perfect home for your new pets. 

Both rabbits and chickens enjoy companionship and this coop will comfortably fit up to 3 rabbits or chickens depending on the breed that you intent to keep. Keep in mind that the coop should allow each animal to turn around easily and provide them with adequate space to stretch and run. 

Coop Placement 

The coop features an open floor design and is best kept on a flat surface to help keep pets in and pests and predators out.  

Rabbit Hutch

Both rabbits and chickens will enjoy the coop being kept on the lawn as it is a wealth of natural kibble such as grasses and bugs. A natural dirt surface is another option which gives chickens a great space to scratch for bugs and rabbits a spot to dig. Be careful though, that they don’t create gaps under the edge of the coop where they can escape or where pest and predators can gain access to the coop.  

Once in a while the coop can be moved to a new area for reasons of both cleanliness and a new spot to forage. Remember to take care when moving the coop and ask a friend to help you. Once fully constructed the coop is heavy and an awkward size to move alone.  

If the coop is kept on a solid surface such as concrete or tiles, hay can be added to provide an area of softness, for a food source and as a toileting surface. 

Chicken Coop features 

chicken coop

The main run of the coop is 44cm wide and 220cm in length, giving your pet plenty of space to move about while remaining safely contained. If you do choose to let your chickens or rabbits out of the coop to roam the yard there is a choice of three side doors which can be opened. The two larger doors are 28cm W X 41cm H, while the smaller door is 30cm W X 24cm H. Each of the doors can also be secured shut with the metal sliding latches. 

With easy access comes easy cleaning. Not only are the side doors great for easy pet exit and entry but they make it just as easy for owners to gain access to the coop to clean out animal litter and add fresh hay and feed. 

Both chicken and rabbits will love the hutch area. It provides them with a warm, dry area that is protected from the rain and wind. Once lined with a layer of hay, the hutch area makes for the perfect spot to rest or even to lay eggs. The hutch area features a small mesh fronted, lockable door giving access for cleaning and egg collecting. There is also a slide out metal tray at the base of the hutch which makes for hassle-free cleaning. 

The upper level hutch can be easily accessed by rabbits and chickens by the way of the built in ramp which features solid rungs to help prevent slippage.  

The whole coop is covered by a green asphalt roof which is UV resistant, waterproof and mould-proof all to protect your pets from the elements. 

The coop frame and hutch are constructed with durable fir wood which is weather and rot resistant and non-toxic to animals, so no need to worry if your pet has a little chew. The coop is enclosed with rust proof, powder-coated wire mesh walls, providing plenty of ventilation, light and protection from pests and predators. 

The i. Pet Large Wooden Chicken Coop – Rabbit Hutch is just one of the rabbit and chicken housing options available with Creature_Concepts. Why not check out our full range of hutches and coops to find the perfect home for your pets. Click here to explore the range. 

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