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We are very lucky to have a large pond in our garden. The sound of the trickling water is so soothing and the vegetation around the pond make us feel like we are a million miles away in a tropical oasis. This pond is also home to our school of goldfish, which has steadily grown over the years, both in numbers and in size. 

Instahut Fish Pond Netting

When we first moved to our property we were disappointed to see that there were no fish in the pond, but were delighted in the coming months when we noticed little baby fish popping up all over the place. The fish that belonging to the previous owners must have laid some eggs that had now hatched. We soon added some more mature fish to the pond, including some from my childhood home. We have added two water features and over the years filled out the planting and added some great decking. We have experimented with and without netting, but always with our fishes safety front of mind.

It’s really enjoyable to watch the fish swim around and we are always impressed by their recollection of time as they come up to greet us each day at the same time for a feed. 

The whole pond system has really become the pride and joy of our garden and we certainly don’t want anything to threaten that. 

That is why we have chosen to cover the pond in a fine black Instahut UV-stabilised nylon fish pond netting. This fish pond netting provides a number of benefits; 

  • Stops predators from getting the fish 
  • Holds up against the weather 
  • Blends into the environment 
  • Small aperture reduces risk to wildlife
  • and is Super Easy to install 

Instahut Fish Pond Netting Stops Predators

On multiple occasions we have had visits from neighbourhood cats who are interested in the fish. With the net in place, the cats are unable to swipe down at the fish. We have also had trouble with visits from Eastern Grey Egrets. Now, they are a beautiful bird that is wonderful to watch but the last thing we want is for them to gobble up our pets. These birds are very persistent and will make multiple visits even in one day, but thankfully the net has served its purpose, protecting the fish and causing the Egrets to lose interest, as they can’t get what they want. 

Holds up against the weather 

The weather can be unpredictable at times, wind, rain and scorching heat. With the wind, comes leaves blowing everywhere, but the last place you want them is cluttering up the pond. The netting forms a taught layer above the surface of the water and catches the leaves before they fall in. The netting itself has a small weave at just 15 X 15mm, which means that most leaves are too large to fall through. Any leaves that do land on the netting can be simply gathered up and disposed of. 

Fish Pond Netting Pet Products, Pet Care

Another benefit of netting is that it allows for the rain to easily pass through, keeping the water level naturally topped up. The durable netting is also UV stabilised so can withstand the harsh Australian summer sun. 

Blends into the environment 

While, having a covering over a pond does distract slightly from its beauty, the black colouration of the netting helps it blend into the background. So it’s a win-win, our fish are safe and the addition of the netting doesn’t detract greatly from the appearance of our pond. 

Reduces risk to wildlife

Instahut Fish Pond Netting has a small aperture reducing the risk to wildlife that may take a interest in our pets. That said, we keep a close eye on our pond to make sure all is well. Make sure to safely wrap up and dispose of any offcuts you may have. For more info on protecting our Australian Wildlife see Australian Fauna Care.

Easy to install 

The netting is super easy to install. It has a large coverage with a package size of 5m wide X 10m length, which can be cut with a pair of scissors to the size and shape you need. The durable, heavy duty knitted construction of the netting means that it can be cut and the edges wont fray! 

Fish Pond Netting Pet Products, Pet Care

Once you have cut the required amount of netting, it can be easily secured into place using tent pegs or can be weighted down with rocks. 

The netting is also versatile in its applications, so any left overs can be used in the garden to protect your precious harvest. 

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