“Kitty Corner Comb”...



The “Kitty Corner Comb” is a neat compact pet brush that easily fixes to a doorway or furniture leg and will help your feline friend tend to their coat simply and easily. Do you love your pussy cat, but are sick of seeing fur on your carpet, furniture and clothes? Is your favorite furniture also a favorite place to rub and scratch?

With many great features, you and your pussy cat will love:

  • Sturdy yet soft bristles will have your feline friend returning time and time again.
  • No more fur balls through-out you home, with the “Kitty Corner Comb” you need only clean the comb as required and your fury friend will look after themselves.
  • Reduce the fur on your clothes, carpets and furniture
  • Protect your furniture and doorways. No more worn edges
  • With a hidden compartment for catnip you can encourage your fury friend away from your favorite designer piece or out of the common walkways


Available in three colours Black, Grey and Blue


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blue, black, gray


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