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As the sun starts to make a less frequent appearance and the weather turns cold, it is time to think about how you can provide your pet with the best possible care during this chilly part of the year. So read our winter pet care tips below.


It still important for your pets to stay active over winter.  Continued activity and routine is not only good for your dog’s ongoing health but also helps to maintain good behavior patterns. You can give your dog an added layer of comfort whilst out on a walk with a warm winter coat.

After outdoor time it is a good idea to dry your dog down, paying special attention to the area around the feet and toes.

If outdoor adventures aren’t possible, entertainment with toys and balls will keep your pet moving indoors.

Bed time warmth

While the days may be cold, the nights can be even chillier, so it’s a good idea to invest in a thicker, warmer bed for your cats and dogs, even if they sleep indoors.  Make sure that your pets bed is positioned away from draughts and elevated from cold, hard surfaces like tiles.

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Weather proof shelter

If your dog is going to spend time outside, a kennel will provide much needed protection from the elements.  The ideal kennel is raised up off the ground and positioned in a sheltered position. Fitting the kennel out with warm, dry blankets will offer your dog with added warmth and comfort. Make sure to wash and thoroughly dry your dog’s bedding regularly.

Cats that are used to having time to explore outside will relish the opportunity for this to continue over the cooler month.  It might be worth considering installing a cat flap to give your cat easy access back to the warmth of indoors when required.

Small animal such as rabbits and guinea pigs will benefit from the shelter of their hutch.  The hutch could be moved to a sheltered outdoor area such as a patio our garage to give additional protection from draughts.

Aviary birds may be used to constant changes in weather but providing an area that is protected from cold draughts is a must.  An outdoor blind hung on the outside of the cage is an ideal solution.


Keep a close eye on heat seeking cats and dogs, especially around heaters and open fireplaces.  Sleeping too close to a heat source may result in dry skin or worse still, burns. 

When outdoors, cats can be tempted by the warmth of a car engine.  It’s always a good idea to bang on your car bonnet before starting the engine to give any little stow-aways time to move away to safety.

Following these winter pet care tips will help you and your little buddy to sail though winter in comfort.

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